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FOX News
Mar 5, 2014 2:00am PST
of the military with deep cuts to the defense budget. the proposal pushes health and human services spending over 1 trillion for the first time ever. what does the budget proposal mean for your wallet? we will break it down at 5:40. the first primaries of the 2014 election season are in the books. the elections in the texas area easily solved abbott and davis get their party's nominations. but things weren't quite as simple for the nation's oldest member of congress. 90-year-old republican ralph paul who is seeking his 18th term did not win 50 percent of the primary vote. which forces him nool a may runoff against former u.s. attorney jay ratliff. son of former governor jeb bush won the primary for texas land commissioner. he's expected to win the january election in november. >>> massive crowds celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. this morning the party is dying down because today is ash wednesday. this is a day where christians mark the beginning of the len ton season. they prefair for easter sunday and jesus' resurrection. on this day ashes are applied to believer's forehead like that. it is
FOX News
Feb 26, 2014 2:00am PST
with the african president after the april election. after huge defense cuts a budget office reports increases in other areas of domestic spending might be to blame. social security, medicare and medicaid is projected to rise $85 billion. but why should the military suffer? we sat down with sean hannity to discuss the cuts. >> it is not a military stroot teeingic bus el. it cuts muscle to reserve fat. it punishes the troops to reward defense contractors who finished when the taxpayers jumped. i am getting a little tired of hearing that inaccurate comment about coming back to preworld war ii levels in 1940. it is actually worse than that. >> he fears this could lead to an army that is unready and incapable of fighting a major war. >> 28 people died in connection with the 9-11 disability scandal that involves new york police officers firefighters and jail guards. the attorney's office says the accused ripped the social security disability system off by faking psychological disorders for links to the exposure of the 9-11 terror attacks. will we finally get answers on the irs targeting of tea part
FOX News
Mar 3, 2014 2:00am PST
investigation. >>> new overnight this according to the south korea defense ministry. the short range missiles are believed to be scud missiles. the missiles flew about 300 miles which means they are capable of hitting south korea or japan. this is the second launch in more than a week. >> learner testified this week. chairman ice saw says yes. >> her attorney indicates she will testify. it has been a back and fourth they go ya negotiation. the evident gath -- >> not so fast after her appearance on sunday the former irs official has not waived her right to testify. the house committee spokesperson responded with this ", bill taylor ms. learner's attorney says she is willing to testify and is requesting a one-week delay for the public hearing. we have informed ms. learner she may make the request for a delay when she comes to the hearing. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> looking to sell off as this crisis in ukraine is escalating. loren simonetti joins us with more. >> the olympics are over but the russian war games are still on. the president declaring a right. the dow off nearly 100
FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 2:00am PST
defense secretary donald rumsfeld is talking. he blames america's lack of leadership for inability around the globe. >> yesterday it was syria today it is the ukraine tomorrow it coul republican of georgia, skd be central asia, iran, north korea. at this stage the near term options are few. it seems to me the problem is bigger and critically important. that is america's weakness. the u.s. is in a way that tells the world we are in decline and we are in withdraw. we have created a leadership doctrine of the world with people out our values or our interests to the detriment of the united states and friends and allies around the world. it is the united states that dejected that instability into the world equation. >> senator lindsay graham also appearing on the record. it is clear vladmir putin does not take him seriously. >> come to the conclusion after benghazi, after syria, after egypt, after everything that obama has been engaged in he's a weak and decisive leader. i think put tin believes he is going to grab the creme yaw and push back. he sees president obama as a weak character. you d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4